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3 min read · September 28th 2017

Serverless, auto-scalable api & web apps



What is Squeezer ?

Squeezer it’s a framework designed to help developers to get a better architecture on serverless zero-administration compute platforms where code runs on the top of microservices clouds like AWS Lambda , Azure Functions , IBM OpenWhisk & Google Functions

Pay as you go

Enjoy developing your projects for any preferred time frame without the pressure of monthly costs .

Intuitive deployments

Deploy only the newly added infrastructure, forget the traditional builds that takes forever .

Smart testing

Test the new features , skip the already tested ones . Your QA team will love this .

Event driven ecosystem

Add as many events you want to trigger you microservice’s functions. HTTP requests , cron events and much more.

No devops requirements

Forget the server guy that owns your infrastructure velocity . Just stay focused on adding new features to your business logic.

Infinite architectures

Split your project features on how many microservices you want, sky is the limit !

Website + Functions = Nuclear

Combine the power of web with Functions . Deliver on any demand, allow your app to get visitors even from other galaxies :)

Monolithic as modular

Don’t be scared by the early adoption of microservices. Share components between functions , like doing on any other traditional project .

Development climate

Simulates the cloud provider environment on your local machine , no need to deploy the code at every iteration. Speed up the entire development cycle 10x


Getting started

NOTE: Windows users should enable symlinks in order to avoid unwanted symbolic links errors .

cmd description
1. npm install -g squeezer-cli Install Squeezer CLI
2. sqz create —project my-first-project —template aws-api-nodejs Create a project
3. cd my-first-project Switch to the project’s directory
4. sqz compile Install packages & compile functions
5. sqz serve Development mode
Live reload enabled by default
cmd description
1. Configure credentials Cloud credentials
2. sqz compile —cloud Compile functions for cloud deployments
3. sqz deploy —stage dev Deploy your app into the cloud provider
Note : initial deployments can take longer <= 40 mins


See for contribution guidelines


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