Serverless, auto-scalable api & web apps

Build muscle apps powered by event-driven functions like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, GoogleCloud Functions and more .

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Build apps like a pro !

The framework offers you the support to get a progressive, enthusiastic, blazing fast development cycle.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go

Enjoy developing your projects for any preferred time frame without the pressure of monthly costs .

Intuitive deployments

Intuitive deployments

Deploy only the newly added infrastructure, forget the traditional builds that takes forever .

Smart testing

Smart testing

Test the new features , skip the already tested ones . Your QA team will love this .

Use a technology stack that you

Event driven ecosystem

Add different events to trigger your app functions. HTTP requests , cron events and much more.

No devops requirements

Forget the server guy that owns your infrastructure velocity . Just stay focused on adding new features to your business logic.

Infinite architectures

Split your project features on how many microservices you want, sky is the limit !

CDN  + functions = Nuclear

Combine the power of Content Delivery Network with Functions . Deliver on any demand, allow your app to get visitors even from other galaxies :)

Monolithic as modular

Don't be scared by the early adoption of microservices. Share components between functions , like doing on any other traditional project .

Development climate

Simulates the cloud provider environment on your local machine , no need to deploy the code at every iteration. Speed up the entire development cycle 10x

How Squeezer works

Squeezer lets you create event-driven apps , with various triggers.


Function A

event - type: http   path: /rest/v1/hello

Function B

event - type: cron   value: 0 10 * * * *

Function C

event - type: s3   value: s3:ObjectCreated:*


Install Packages...
Compile Functions...


Cloud Provider

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud , IBM Openwhisk ...

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